Productivity is a hot topic in today’s society.  There are countless books, blogs, online courses and weekend workshops on the topic.  It seems that everyone wants to be more productive, with the underlying message that a more productive you is a happier you.

I can certainly see the value in organizing our endless to-do lists.   I also understand the stress relief that can come with feeling in control of your schedule.  However, there is a bit of a disconnect between true “productivity” and the all-too-common view of it.

I view increased productivity as a means of achieving outcomes more efficiently.  Many people see increased productivity as a chance to cram more and more onto their plate.

The crux of it is- the more “tasks” that we take on- the fewer actual outcomes we are able to achieve.

In my own life I’ve fallen into this trap myself- thinking that being “busier” is better.

Since I only answer to myself as a business owner, it is easy to constantly second guess myself: Am I doing enough to grow my business?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the second guessing happens in many other areas of life as well-  career, parenting, working out, etc.

No matter the context, we always seems to wonder “Am I doing enough?”

How do I deal with this voice inside my head?  How do I know if I’m “doing enough?”

I just get clear on the outcome that I’m looking for, and strip away any extra fluff that doesn’t directly support that outcome.

 Then I use the rest of my time to enjoy my life.