Who doesn’t love a sense of accomplishment?

It’s the feeling that drives us throughout the day; the carrot that dangles before us, pulling us through the difficult tasks that we’d rather not be doing.

We get satisfaction from small wins, and from tackling big projects.

If completing a small step or task didn’t fuel us forward to the next small step or task, then we’d never complete the project.

Sometimes, goals can seem distant- perhaps too distant.  Projects can seem too big.

The biggest projects, and the most audacious goals, though, are the ones that come with the most satisfying sense of accomplishment. 

As we all know, monumental feats are completed one small milestone at a time.

My nephew, Henrik, just started walking.  He started where we all started- unable to even hold his own head up.  But like all babies, he spent his entire day working at it, one small milestone at a time.  First he learned to hold his head up.  Then he figured out how to roll himself over, how to sit up, and eventually hold himself up on all fours.  He crawled. He stood up while holding the wall.  He stood up on his own. And then, he walked.

Luckily, we live in a day and age where we can capture these moments on film.

So I was able to see not only Henrik’s first steps, but the look of Satisfaction on his face; the pure joy that came from achieving this milestone.