​Have you ever heard the phrase “You get out what you put in”?
I tend to agree with the statement.  Now, obviously, there is room for interpretation.
One interpretation is that when we enter into an interaction with another person; they will (mostly subconsciously) match our energy.  Not just our energy levels, but what type of energy we exude.
Have you ever known someone who is said to “Light up a room”?  That’s a great example of this energy-matching concept.  A room of people will subconsciously become positive and friendlier when they encounter someone who is exuding large amounts of those qualities.
Likewise, I’m sure we all know people who can bring a room down.  As soon as they enter into a conversation, their complaining, their regurgitation of gloom and doom news, and negativity can bring a generally positive group of people down a notch.
Both of these scenarios have huge implications for the lives of the people exuding the energy.
Someone who is mostly positive will have their positive energy matched in every single interaction throughout their day.  As they smile at people, people will smile back, making them feel more attractive.  As they make people feel at ease, they too will feel more comfortable, thereby reducing anxiety levels.  As they ask intelligent questions, those that they engage with will put more effort into helping them, thereby increasing their confidence.
On the flipside, when Eeyor interacts with someone, he expects the worst outcome of the situation, thereby making the person that he is interacting with uneasy.  This creates constant anxiety and tension in Eeyor’s life.  Eeyor doesn’t smile, so those that he makes eye contact with don’t smile back, sending the signal to Eeyor’s subconscious that other people think he is frumpy.  Eeyor keeps conversations curt and impersonal, thereby encouraging those he interacts with to keep conversations to the minimum amount of information necessary to be exchanged.  This makes Eeyor feel like no one wants to help him out.
I don’t think that anyone wants to go through life as the frumpy Eeyore.  I would venture to say that for those currently in this state that if they were to just be more mindful of what type of energy they brought to every interaction, they’d then begin a really positive upward spiral in their lives.
I know that this sounds like some Tony Robbins optimism, and that’s all a little hokey, right?
The only way to find out is to experiment for yourself. 
Start out a conversation with a firm handshake, big smile, a compliment and maybe even a positive comment about the weather.  Take mental notes on how that conversation goes.
Then start your next conversation with a political commentary about how America is falling apart based on what you heard on cable news.  Follow it up with a complaint about “kids these days” and then maybe demean someone or something in current popular culture.  Let me know if that person calls you to meet for a beer anytime soon.

In the unfortunate case that you didn't watch Winnie The Pooh as a kid, the video below will help you understand the Eeyore reference: