Not too long ago, someone asked me “Do you crosstrain?” 
I said I wasn’t sure what “Crosstraining” meant.  Although this person couldn’t clearly define it either, they gave me an example; “You know, doing a Spin Class Monday, Yoga on Tuesday, Kettlebells on Wednesday, Dumbbells on Thursday, etc.”
This answer highlighted a fundamental disconnect that is all too common in the world.
This person was focused on tasks without regard for a bigger picture strategy.
This person, as many people do, was defining training based on what tools were being used- kettlbells, a spin cycle, dumbbells, etc.
I tend to view training based on the desired outcome(s)- improved body composition, a stronger core, healthy joints, etc; the tools we use are just a means to an end to achieve a result.
We start with the desired outcome(s) in mind.  We know that to accomplish our main objectives, we need to do lots of mobility and restorative work (stronger core, healthier joints), as well as make people stronger and better conditioned (improved body composition). 
The tools we then use for a given task are selected based on how effective they are for the job at hand.
It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day small picture.  As a business owner, this happens to me all of the time.  I get caught up on “tasks” that seemingly pop up out of nowhere and don’t fit in to my overall strategy.
Having a strategy, and revisiting it frequently, are the only way I can ensure that each step I take is going to move me closer to my desired outcome.