​Think Global, Act Local
I’m not sure the origin of this phrase, but I really like the sentiment behind it.
Global, or Big Picture, thinking is important- it should guide many of our actions.  The problem is, though, that Global thinking can be overwhelming, paralyzing us, and at times preventing us from taking action in the first place.
That’s why I love this phrase; it points out that thinking about a problem means nothing if it’s not followed by action.
Global poverty?  How can I possibly make a difference for kids in Africa?
Wondering how to solve the problem of global poverty will eventually leave us feeling indifferent to the problem, and we’ll stop even trying to help.
However, looking at poverty on a local scale will help us understand the actual day-to-day challenges faced by our fellow man.  We will have a better idea of how we can help, what action we can take right now, for people in our own community.
Action is what will make an impact, in all cases.  Thinking lines up the nail, action drives the hammer.
Some problems seem insurmountable, some goals too lofty.  Use the goal, the desired outcome, to guide you.  But rather than focus on the destination- just look at the next step.  What is the step right in front of you, right now, that you can take?
It’s amazing how all of these small steps, these “local acts” can add up to Global Change.