Let’s imagine for a second that a young person has come to you for advice on how to succeed in school or in the workforce.

I’d assume most of us would give them guidelines based on principles such as:

  1. Work hard

  2. Don’t procrastinate

  3. Be patient; success takes time

  4. Understand the material, and ask questions about what you don’t understand

  5. Learn as much as you can from your teacher/boss

On the flip-side, I doubt most of us would give advice such as:

  1. Do as little work as possible

  2. If you’re not promoted in 4 weeks, look for another job

  3. Use this one “Simple Trick” to hack your success

We all know, inherently, that success in any endeavor takes work, diligence, and time.

Yet, apparently, as a society, we still believe in shortcuts when it comes to our health.

I know this because, this is how fitness is marketed, and it wouldn’t be marketed that way if that weren’t the best way to sell.

The truth is that there are no shortcuts, and as adults, we know this. 

Don’t let this frustrate you though; enjoy the clarity that it gives you. 

The search for the shortcut is over, there is no more magic that you have to find.

The roadmap is very simple: plant the seeds, work the fields, and eventually, harvest the crop.