We’ve talked a lot so far about the General Overview of our training, as well as the specific physical properties we’d be training.  The hardest part, though, is pulling it all together. 

Since we’re trying to make headway in three major areas- Mobility, Strength, and Endurance- we need to be very efficient with our resources.  We only have so much time to train, and we only have so much mental and physical energy available for each training session.

What this means is that we want to do just enough in each category to elicit a response from our body without wasting time or energy.

Here’s how we take these considerations and build a Training Program from the Big Picture Strategy down to the Individual Training Session.

Training Block:

A training Block at Experity lasts roughly 14 weeks. Essentially, a Block is a way of picking a primary focus for a designated period of time.   This focus can be on an exercise (I want to focus on improving my Squat), it can be a way to emphasize a particular quality (I’d like to build some endurance before my vacation), or it can be a way to prioritize goals (I’ve got a big race coming up, my training needs to support that!).

Training Phase:

Once a primary focus is established for the training block, we break that block up into 4 Phases.

Phases are just a way to vary the stress on the body as we go through the training block.  Generally speaking, we accomplish this by changing the reps each phase.

In terms of strength for example, we generally do a High Rep phase followed by a low rep phase.  The High Rep phase allows us to build a base of technique and volume in our lifts at a lighter weight before we increase the weight for a Low Rep phase.  Going back and worth like this allows us to gradually get stronger and stronger while sparing our joints the constant pounding of heavy weights.

Training Week:

Each phase consists of 3 weeks.  Setting up a training week simply means that we want our highest priority, and most taxing workouts done earlier in the week.  As fatigue builds over the course of the week, we’ll lower the intensity and increase the reps.

Generally, we label Sessions as A, B and C, and they are ranked from highest to lowest priority.

What this means is that, if you can only workout twice per week, you’ll want to do A and B. 

It also means that you always want to do them in order when it comes to your training week.  So,  A is always the first workout of the week.  Even if you missed C because you overslept on Saturday…you’ll still do A when you come in on Monday.

Individual Training Session:

During a typical training day at Experity we’ll train a little bit of each quality.  We’ll start with a warm-up that emphasizes the mobility piece- getting your joints moving and activating all the right muscles.

We’ll then move into our Strength portion, where we’ll emphasize compound movements done with proper technique.  This part of the workout could entail anything from Bodyweight Exercises, to kettlebells or barbells.  Since this portion requires attention to detail and lots of mental focus, we’ll want to hit this right after our warmup when we’re still fresh.

After our resistance training, we’ll move into our Endurance portion, which may entail kettlebells, battling ropes, sleds and more.  We put this later in the workout because the exercises either require lighter weight or less emphasis on technique- therefore we don’t have to be as fresh as when we’re doing our Strength training.

Once we’ve finished the Endurance segment, we’ll wrap things up with some core work or perhaps some additional Mobility.

And that’s it!

While the recipe may vary slightly, this is the general thought process behind how we put our training programs together.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read in this blog series- don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Paul@ExperityFS.com or ask a question next time you’re in the gym.

Thanks for reading!