Now that our previous piece has given some insight into what we do (all around fitness), we’re going to spend some significant time talking about HOW we do it.

If the “what” is all around fitness, then the “how” is by systematically developing Mobility, Strength and Endurance.

Today we’ll simply define these three terms and talk a little more about their benefits.

We always want to address Mobility first.  Now, this is a tricky term, so for the sake of what we do at Experity, we’re going to put Flexibility, Stability, and Postural Alignment all together under the Mobility flag.

Take all these things together and here’s what it means:  healthy joints that can move through a sufficient range of motion, under control, while maintaining good alignment of the spine.

Having good mobility, to us, is often exemplified in how easy one can get up and down off the ground.  Of course, being able to have “enough” mobility to perform strength training with good technique or participate in your given sport or hobby is another great barometer of whether you’re mobile “enough.”

Strength can be intimidating for someone who’s never lifted weights.  I’m here to tell you, though, that there are a whole host of benefits from strength training that you don’t want to miss out on.

For starters, strength training helps us fight off sarcopena (muscle loss) that begins as early as 27!  Secondly, consistently lifting weights creates stronger bones, warding of osteoporosis. Finally, Strength training helps keep and strengthen neural connections, making us more coordinated, for longer.

And if that wasn’t enough, lifting weights is the cornerstone of any program seeking to build a better looking body.

I’m sold.

To define strength training, we’ll say that it is any resistance training aimed at increasing the strength and amount of skeletal muscle.

And finally, there’s Endurance.  Again, this can go by many different names, conditioning, cardio, aerobic work, anaerobic, etc.  All we’re trying to do here is give you a bigger gas tank to motor through life without fatigue.  Doing so will drastically improve your cardiovascular health, reduce stress levels, and create new and stronger mitochondria.  I’ll admit, when I learned what I a mitochondria was in 6th grade, I never thought I’d relearn it in my twenties and then talk about it on the internet in my 30s…but here we are.

To define Endurance work for us, we’re just going to say that it is exercise designed to help you do more physical work with less fatigue.

Here’s a quick summary:

Mobility helping you move better and without restrictions

Strength training is aimed at making your stronger and growing lean muscle mass

Endurance training is meant to help you keep on truckin’

We'll dig into the specifics of each property in our next installments.