One of our main goals at Experity is to educate our clients (and the general public) about how to exercise effectively.

We are not here to keep you guessing, or even to keep you dependent on us as Coaches.  We certainly have no intention of keeping our secret recipe locked up, or holding out on the “real” info.

On the contrary, we’ve found that the better you understand our “recipe,” the better results you’ll get.  You’ll be able to take ownership of your health and benefit more from our coaching.  You’ll be able to ask the right questions,  better understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing.

With that said, I thought it’d be a good idea to do a blog series on the What’s, Why’s and How’s our of program at Experity.  As you’ll find, it’s not overly complicated, yet it can provide an astounding level of all around fitness.

In the series that follows, I’ll lay out exactly what we do at Experity, why we do it, and how we tie it all together.  If you read the whole series and still don’t have 100% clarity, that's ok.  Use this series as a jumping off point, and feel free to ask questions.  We want to help you understand, because a client who understands the process is going to get remarkable results.

I figure there is no better place to start than by giving a General Overview- who is this for, what we are trying to accomplish, and how do we go about doing so.