Let’s kick this off with the major training priorities at Experity:

Priority #1: Health:  This probably seems obvious, but it is important to state.  Pretty much any physical activity can be healthy; and taken to a competitive level, be unhealthy.  We are not here to train world-class power lifters or marathoners that rival the Kenyans.  That being said, you’re still going to lift some respectable weights and complete a 5K, 10K, or marathon if you so choose.

Building fitness in a healthy way will give anyone the ability to participate in any sort of physical hobby that you like, build impressive levels of strength and endurance, and have a lean, athletic looking body.

Priority #2:  All Around Fitness:  So now that we’ve established Health as our number one priority, we’re moving on to fitness. 

Isn’t that the same thing?

Well, not exactly.  A person can be pretty healthy in terms of weight, blood panels, and organ function but still be weak as a kitten and not able to run a mile.

While health is the base that allows us to keep on ticking, building Strength and Endurance on top of that healthy base is what will allow us to live with gusto- no physical limitations.

To us, All-Around Fitness entails a balance between Mobility, Strength and Endurance.  Be spry enough to get up and down of the ground easily, strong enough to help your buddy move, and have enough gas in the tank run a 5K with your friends (and, ideally, beat them ;-)  How much Mobility, Strength, or Endurance is “enough” is up to the individual. 

Priority #3: Body Composition:  This means simply “looking better.”  By burning off fat and building some muscle, you’ll look more athletic.

Humans are a social species- it’s within our nature to want to put our best foot forward in terms of appearances.  This doesn’t mean 6 Pack Abs for everyone, but it does mean that our training is aimed at making you become leaner and more athletic looking.

Why is this 3rd in the priority list?  Well, because I don’t think 6 pack abs should come at the cost of health. 

More importantly, though, as an individual becomes healthy and begins building some decent levels of all around fitness…their body fat levels tend to naturally drop.

And these my friends, are the Broad Goals of our program at Experity.  We’ll get a little more into HOW we address these goals in our next installment: The Building Blocks of the Experity Pyramid.