One of the most overlooked concepts in building a strong, healthy body is the concept of compound interest.

Many of us look for the secret:  the secret diet, the secret real estate get rich quick plan, the secret workout.  The element that we’ve been missing, and once we find it…we’ll finally have what we want.   We’ll finally be healthy, fit, wealthy, successful or whatever it is that has eluded us all these years.

There is no secret though.  We are simply a math equation: the sum of our daily habits dictates our current state.

Just like compound interest, our habits have a snowball effect.  The length and amount you deposit have an exponential effect on your well-being.

And the reverse is true- the higher the deficit we run, the longer and harder it is to climb out of debt.

There are obviously times in life when we are able to deposit more- our schedules clear up for extra workouts, we can put more effort into home cooked meals, etc.

In these times, it’s important to deposit as much as we can- just like we would a financial windfall.

On the other end of the spectrum- there are going to be lean times: kids schedules take over, a deadline at work comes up, or we go on vacation.  It’s equally important to maintain a minimum deposit amount in these times.  We can’t scrap our plan and put it all on the credit card just because the stars aren’t perfectly aligned.

Wherever we’re at right now- rich, poor, morbidly obese, strong & healthy: we got here gradually, day by day, habit by habit, choice by choice.