One of the most difficult, yet the most important, decisions we make on a recurring basis is how to spend our time.

The possibilities seem endless.

When we sit down at our desk, we can check emails, return phone calls, or check in with our colleagues.

When we get to the gym, we can stretch, hit the treadmill, swim, or head over to the weights.

Any of these tasks can be either highly productive or a complete waste of time.

What differentiates whether time and effort is well spent or wasted is simply this: does it move the needle?  Does spending your time in this manner move you closer to the end that you hope to achieve?

One of the best uses of our time is to constantly evaluate our goals and the strategies that we’re going to employ to achieve them.

When there is a clear picture of the desired end, and a well-planned strategy to get us there, it is easy to let time wasting, menial tasks fall to the wayside and focus on what moves the needle.