For the majority of my life, I’ve operated under the assumption that I’m working toward a finite goal.  That once I do all of the work in front of me, I’ll be able to relax.  I’ll be over the hump.  I’ll be caught up.
If I complete all of the projects I want to on my business, then I can just sit back and take it easy.
Once I achieve a certain level of strength in the gym, or a certain waist size, or a certain number on the scale, I’ll be satisfied.
Once I have X amount of dollars in the bank, stress will be a distant memory.
 But until then…work. 
The problem with viewing life through this lens is that it implies that my current state is lacking.  If everything is going to be grand once the plan is complete, then being incomplete must suck.
This view paints the present as a less than ideal time that must be tolerated to get to the life that I really want.
It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I’ll never be complete.  None of us will.  The work will never be done; we’ll never be caught up.
Once we embrace this fact, though, we are then able to truly enjoy where we are at in life, right now.

Striving for completion is a trap, keeping us stuck looking forward to a time that will never come.
Striving to improve, to be just a hair better, smarter, more compassionate or stronger than we were yesterday, will keep us engaged, both enjoying what we already have and optimistic about what is to come.