We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback about our upcoming Total Health Challenge (Jan 18-Feb 18).  We’ve also been getting a few questions- so I thought I’d go through a real quick FAQ.  For more information (and to sign up) check out BurrRidgeChallenge.com.  Here are the answers to some common questions:
What is the goal of the challenge?
The goal is to build healthy habits both in and out of the gym, and to experience the benefits that these habits can have when we consistently execute them for a month.  Check out the “How It Works” tab at BurrRidgeChallenge.com for more details.
Can I do the challenge if I’m not currently a member?
You bet!  The entry fee includes a month of unlimited training at our facility.  You’ll have access to both our Custom Coaching Semi-Private Sessions and our Group Programs.
I’m already a member, should I do the challenge? 
Yes, you should!  This challenge is a chance to hold us accountable to each other through some friendly competition within our community.  You’ve already made working out a habit, and by bringing nutrition and lifestyle habits to the forefront, you’ll be able to build even better results on the base that you already have.
When can I come in to workout?
We’ve got ample opportunity to workout.  Joining the challenge will give you access to both our Custom Coaching and Group training programs, so you can come any time listed on the attached schedule.
What is Custom Coaching?  How is it different than group training?

Custom Coaching is a form of semi-private training, meaning that a small group of students workout while supervised by a coach. 

The main difference between Custom Coaching and Group training is that each person in a Custom Coaching session is doing a workout designed specifically for their individual needs. This style of training allows each person to use the appropriate exercises and skill levels to make the best use of their time.
In Group Training, everyone performs the prescribed workout together under the supervision of the coach. The main benefit of this type of training is that you have the camaraderie and energy that working out with someone else provides.

Try them both during the course of the challenge and see what you prefer!

Do you guys only use kettlebells?
Nope- we have lots of fun toys! We use kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, sleds, ropes, TRX and a few other tools as well.  While “Kettlebell” is in our name- we simply view kettlebells as tool that helps us get in shape.  In some situations, kettlebells are the most effective tool for the job; in some situations, they’re not.  How much you’ll use kettlebells, or if you’ll use them at all, will depend on what’s best for you, as well as your personal preference.
What about cardio?  Do you guys do that?
We do!  While we don’t have ellipticals or treadmills, we do plenty of cardio using kettlebells, sleds, ropes, etc. 
Will I have to do anything outside of the gym?
We’ll recommend easy stuff, like some of the stretches we show you, or perhaps going on a walk, but you won’t have to “workout” on top of the 3 days a week that you come into the gym.  Each of the three workouts you do will include: stretching/mobility, strength, and conditioning (cardio).  If you like to workout more than 3 days per week, go for it.  Talk to one of the coaches at the gym to see what would best supplement the work you’ll being doing at Burr Ridge Kettlebell Club.