Here we are, into the first week of the New Year!
After some careful reflection over the holidays, I gained some clarity on what was most important to me, what I wanted to achieve in the coming calendar year.
And I know that, first and foremost, in order to achieve anything, I’m going to have to focus on the process that gets me there.
I need to have a plan. 
More importantly, I need to execute that plan.
And most importantly, I need to accept that the execution will not be perfect.  The plan will not go off without a hitch.
I can, however, adapt to the obstacles that get thrown my way.  I can stay the course where I can, take detours when I need to, but I know that I need to be moving forward.
Wrenches thrown into our plans can be extremely disheartening.  When it becomes clear that it is impossible to execute the plan perfectly, it’s too easy to be paralyzed by this fear of imperfection.
This state of paralysis, or lack of action, is the true barrier to achievement.
The plan doesn’t have to be perfect.  The execution will not be perfect.  As long as there is action taken on the plan, though, we can rest assured that we are moving toward whatever end we hope to attain.