​A lot of people have great ideas.  Ideas that could lead to a wildly successful business, ideas that could improve their lives or the lives of those around them, or perhaps even ideas that could change the world.
The reason that these circumstances are the exception, and not the rule, is because an idea in itself means very little.  For an idea or a thought to do anyone any good, it has to be brought into reality through hard work and sheer will.
In other words, Success is about showing up.  Not once or twice, but showing up consistently over a long period of time.
Lots of people show up to the gym in January.  Many stop showing up in February.

Many of us start working out because we feel compelled to become the best possible version of ourselves.  We have an idea in our head of what we can become, who we would be if we were living closer to our potential.
Imagine where those that continue to show up, consistently, for the remainder of the year will be next February.  We’ll be a lot closer to that idea, that image in our head of who we want to become.  It doesn’t matter if every workout is perfect, if we run into some bumps in the road.  If we continue to show up, we’ll see success.