One of our core beliefs is that Consistency is the number one key to success.
As discussed last week, you have to show up, consistently, over a long period of time to achieve anything worthwhile.
And while Consistency is powerful, and will help us build momentum in our lives, it becomes exponentially more powerful when coupled with Personal Responsibility.
Personal Responsibility is another way of saying that we must engage the process; take ownership of our own paths.
The most successful students, in any aspect of life, are those that ask questions.
Mentors, Teachers, Coaches- can only show us a path.  A student who demonstrates Personal Responsibility takes it upon himself or herself to gain clarity.  These students aim to understand where the path is going, to understand how each step of the journey can take them closer to their goals.
When we “show up” both physically and mentally is when we are truly engaged in the process, when we're at our best- and when we’ll gain the most traction.