As a business built on helping people live without physical limitations, we often take our fundamental health for granted.  It is sometimes forgotten how truly lucky we are to have a clean bill of health.

This is why we've decided to make The Michael J Fox Foundation the beneficiary of our 2017 summer fundraiser.  As a foundation dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson's disease, they are actively fighting to help stop a disease that ravages people's physical (and emotional) health.

Here's how we're going to raise money to fight Parkinson's:

On Saturday June 24th at 10 AM we'll have our Team "Going The Distance" challenge here at Experity.

  • Each Team will Consist of 4 Members (Coed or Same sex)
  • The event is open to the public- you don't have to be a member at Experity to Participate
  • Teams will compete in three events, winning an event by posting the fastest time.
  • Prizes will be awarded for the winner of each individual event, as well as an Overall winner- the team with the lowest combined total time
  • The "entry fee" for each team will be $1000 in donations (tracked through

The events are as follows (the yardage is the total to be completed by the team):

  • 1000 Yard Prowler relay: Men 45lbs, Women 25lbs

  • 750 Yard Backward Sled Drag: Men 185lbs, women 135lbs

  • 500 Yard Farmer Carry: Men 135lbs Women 95lbs

Here's how to participate:

1) Find a crew of 4; pick a Team Name and  Team Captain (This will be our main contact point)

2) Fill out the Form Below with above information

3)  Head on over to and follow the instructions in this video.

4) Post to Facebook, send out some emails and raise some funds, directing people to your Team page on Crowdrise.

5) Easy Peasy, right?

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Team Captain
Team Captain